XALTA is the first brand in India to produce Fruit based soft drinks. We have a wide range of products – ranging from Carbonated Fruit Drinks, Juices, Packaged Drinking Water and more! We welcome you to experience XALTA – and promise you a refreshing experience with every sip!


It isn’t easy to pack the goodness of nature’s natural thirst quencher – the humble water – and we at XALTA ensure every care and compliance to best of global quality standards – to bring you water in its almost purest state. We have packed it with our love, so that you can sip it for the freshness that you always wanted!


Our state of the art filteration processes does not only remove all physical and even microbial impurities from the water, but also enriches water with essential minerals – and
all this goodness is then sealed in food grade bottles through a fully automated, totally untouched by hand process. XALTA Bottled Water is another commitment from us to deliver healthy, innovative drinks and refreshing experiences to our esteemed consumers. Organic photo booth cray tofu, vegan fixie bitters sriracha. Chia sem Schlitz messenger bag master .

Still Fruit Drinks

Our fresh fruit juices are made with blending together carefully selected and ripened fruits, a tinge of unique Indian chatkara and loads of love! We always try to ensure that each sip of XALTA Juices enrich you with their everlasting freshness, deep flavors and the goodness of healthy sumptuous fruits.

Carbonated Fruit Beverages

Imagine the fizziest of refreshment, blended with healthiest of real fruit pulps – yes, experience the first of its kind Carbonated Fruit Drinks from the house of XALTA. A series of innovative and healthy drinks, which come in variety of mouth-watering flavors and without the guilt of over-indulgence. XALTA Carbonated Fruit Drinks is bound to leave you spellbound
  • Orange
  • Green
  • Jeera
  • lemon


Foraying its operations in 2013, XALTA had one vision – to let the world quench its thirst and hunger with innovative and healthier options, all spiced with a little of Indian uniqueness! While complying with stringent global quality standards, we also wanted to bring some unique concoctions to the market shelves – and that made us develop first-of- their-kind carbonated fruit drinks – which were blended with freshest of fruit pulps and just the right fizz to provide much healthier refreshment than any other carbonated drink currently available in market.

XALTA is the first brand in India to thus produce fruit based soft drinks. Furthermore, XALTA has a wide range of products – ranging from carbonated fruit drinks, juices, mineral water and more! We welcome you experience XALTA – and promise you a refreshing experience with every sip!
Mr. Vishnoo Mittal
More than 11 years of experience in the field of Information Technology, Finance and Education.
Heavent Malhotra
12 years of experience in the field of E-commerce, Manufacturing and Consulting.
Mr. Vinod Sehwag
More than 12 years of experience in Real Estate and Education sector.


As they say, it’s the people who carry a vision to reach to the market. At XALTA, we are proud to be blessed with passionate team of more than 100 team members – who are united with their spirit to innovate and give their consumers healthy refreshing experiences. We are spearheaded by core management team of three young entrepreneurs – Vishnoo Mittal, Heavent Malhotra and Vinod Sehwag


XALTA products are today manufactured at its own two state-of- the-art manufacturing plants – located at Bahadurgarh (Haryana, India) and Hapur (Uttar Pradesh, India). Managed by skilled manpower, both the plants are equipped with high speed manufacturing lines for producing fruit juices, carbonated fruit drinks and bottled water. Also, while these machines are power friendly, we have installed UPS systems and HVAC to maintain consistency in manufacturing process. Compliance with stringent global quality standards has always been a key priority at XALTA – and our plants maintain all necessary food manufacturing standards and are ISI, GMP, GHK and GLP compliant. The plants have associated Quality Testing Labs – which have capabilities to ensure quality across various processes – through dedicated sub-process hi-tech labs such as Microbiology Labs, Process Lab, Raw Materials Lab and even Packaging material Lab. In addition, the plants are equipped with fully automated CIP (Cleaning in Place) systems. All the products pass through constant quality checks before being cleared for selling. And it is this dedication towards maintaining world class product quality standards, that finally fuels our passion towards delivering awesome customer experience, everytime he purchases a XALTA product. We take our customer feedback very seriously – and all our products come with easily accessible ‘Customer Care Number’. Furthermore, all our marketing and sales staff ensures to keep updated with customer feedback – for that forms the basis of whatever we do and all the innovation that we endeavour to bring in this space.


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